Reading Order


These books can be read separately but may share a world with other books.


Punk 57

Birthday Girl


Tryst Six Venom

Five Brothers

Ash City (free short story on my website)

Fall Away Series

  1. Bully
  2. Until You (Jared’s pov from Bully)
  3. Rival
  4. Falling Away
  5. Aflame
  6. Next to Never
  7. The Next Flame (this is simply Aflame and Next to Never in one paperback)
  8. Adrenaline (a small collection of bonus content I wrote over years and shared online, not in paperback)

*Misconduct and Credence loosely share a world with the Fall Away series, but they can be read separately.

Devil’s Night Series

  1. Corrupt
  2. Hideaway
  3. Kill Switch
  4. Conclave
  5. Nightfall
  6. Fire Night

*Punk 57 shares a world with Devil’s Night. In the timeline, it sits between Corrupt and Hideaway, but it can be read separately. Characters from Punk 57 appear sporadically from Kill Switch and on, so if you can read Punk 57 by then, it would make the reading experience more enjoyable.  

*There will not be any more novels in this series.

Hellbent Series

  1. Falls Boys
  2. Pirate Girls
  3. Quiet Ones (TBD)
  4. Night Thieves (TBD)
  5. Parade Alley (TBD
  6. Fire Falls (TBD)

*This is a next gen series of the Fall Away series. Only two books are out so far. It is not required to read the Fall Away series, but the characters are young, so their parents are around. You’ll have more appreciation for their appearances if you’re already familiar with the world.

*If you would like to read all appearances by the Hellbent characters in the Fall Away series before their books, see here à

*Characters from Misconduct and Credence do appear in this series, as well.

In the World of Sanoa Bay

*Tryst Six Venom and Five Brothers share the same world and characters appear heavily in each other’s books. Reading Tryst Six Venom before Five Brothers would give you a great lead-in to Five Brothers before you read.

*There may be more standalones in this world.

Bonus Content

Most of the books have free bonus content on my website.