The Hellbent Series has begun!

You’ve read about their parents in the Fall Away Series, but their kids are not the same. 

And yet, in so many ways, they are…

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FALLS BOYS is a standalone New Adult romance suitable for ages 18+. You’ve met his father. Now meet Hawke. Preorders

Six love stories–races, chases, adventure, and adrenaline. Get ready for Falls Boys! FREE in Kindle Unlimited on release day!

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The troop is all grown up, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped using the badges they earned.
Follow the irresistible men of the River Scouts as they journey through the twisted path that fate has set them on.
Each River Scout has a story to tell.
A truth they can’t hide.
But will they come out unscathed?
There’s only one way to find out…
SCOUTS is a limited time forbidden romance anthology containing new stories from a collection of your favorite authors.
Yolanda Olson
Abigail Davies
Penelope Douglas
Natasha Preston
Jennifer Bene
Vicki James
Samantha Towle
Cole Denton
Ally Vance
J. M. Walker
Measha Stone
Kamisa Cole
Claire C. Riley
Ellie Meadows
Shane Starrett
Andi Jaxon

Now Live and Free in Kindle Unlimited!

The queen bee of Marymount Academy loves to torture the school outcast, Olivia Jaeger. No one knows what she likes to do to her in private…

TRYST SIX VENOM is a brand new F/F standalone, new adult, bully romance suitable for readers 18+.

Devil’s Night is complete and now has all new covers!

“Nothing, not even Devil’s Night, was more magical, because tonight was the longest night of the year. It was special.”
So remember when I said that we would see Devil’s Night again in bonus content? Yeahhhhh… 😉 Surprise! 
Please Note: This novella takes place about 10 months prior to the epilogue in Nightfall, and it does end with keeping the “flame burning”, so to speak. While the main storyline is wrapped up, certain crumbs are left to keep our imaginations going. If that’s not something you enjoyed in Nightfall, you can absolutely skip this novella. It does not need to be read to understand the series. But if you want to see the gang celebrate something other than Devil’s Night for a change, I hope you enjoy this little visit back to Thunder Bay! It is told from all four heroes’ points-of-view–Kai, Damon, Will, and Michael. And mayyyybe someone else’s ❤️

Fire Night ( Devil’s Night 4.5 )
FIRE NIGHT is a 28K word holiday novella, and the ebook will release with the paperback and the audiobook on December 8th! This is a short story, only slightly longer than Conclave, so easy peasy.

The Devil’s Night Series is now complete and FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Nightfall is the final novel in the Devil’s Night series. All of the books are entwined, and it is recommended to read the prior installments before starting this book. If you choose to skip  CorruptHideawayKill Switch, or Conclave, please be aware you may miss plot points and important elements of the back story. All four prior novels are available in Kindle Unlimited. Also, if you enjoy Pinterest mood boards, all of my books come with one. Please enjoy Nightfall’s storyboard as you read!
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Now Available!

Now Live!
Nightfall ( Devil’s Night #4 )  the final installment in the Devil’s Night series! *Nightfall, is a full-length, romantic suspense suitable for readers 18+. It’s necessary to read the prior installments in the series before starting this story.