I smiled as I approached the lab door, heat rushing through my arms and legs. I felt like I was at the Loop with the butterflies taking flight in my stomach.

Tate was working after school again and gave me strict instructions to back off and let her study.

But I had other plans today.

It’d been almost a week since we had sex the first time, and she’d been slapping my hands away ever since like she couldn’t read a Science textbook with my hand on her leg for Christ’s sake. While she promised that she’d be all mine this weekend at Homecoming, I couldn’t control myself. I’d prefer her straddling me on a chair and naked, but right now I’d settle for a goddamn kiss.

Opening the door to the lab, I saw Tate across the room with her back to me and completely immersed in her task. I could make out the faint sound of music, and I saw her bobbing her head as she grabbed a flask.

She had her ear buds in. Perfect.  

And damn, she was cute in her apron.

Turning around, I locked the door from the outside with a key that I wasn’t supposed to have, closed it, and walked over to my girl. It amazed me how seeing her—knowing that I was going to touch her—got my heart racing faster than it did when I was tearing up the track.

A drop of sweat trickled down my back, so I yanked my hoodie over my head and let it drop to the floor.

Coming up behind Tate, I wrapped my arms around her and buried my teeth in her neck, not knowing half the time if I wanted to kiss her or eat her. She made so hungry.

“Oh!” She yelped, and I reached out to steady her hand before she dropped the flask.

She yanked her ear buds out, and I held her tighter, feeling the rise and fall of her chest.

“It’s just me, babe,” I whispered in her ear, pressing my body into hers.

“Jared!” She shook her head and squirmed away from me. “No, no, no…”

And I watched in amusement as she scurried away to the other side of the lab table, clearly putting a barrier between us. Her blue eyes were bright with pent up laughter, and her mouth twitched with a smile as she tried to stand tough.

I narrowed my eyes in mock confusion. “Did you just run away from me?” I asked, trying not to laugh.

She folded her arms over her chest. “Yes. I get all confused around you, and I told you not to kiss me or put your hands on me until after my Chemistry test tomorrow. You need to stop. Go away.”

I shrugged, holding my hands up. “I’ve been good this week. I haven’t pushed.” I walked around the table towards her to which she continued circling the other way to maintain distance. “I just don’t think I’m going to be able to make it another two days, baby.  You have to give me something to get me by.”

“I don’t have to do anything.” She shook her head, tipping her chin up.

Wanna bet?

I lunged for her, swinging myself around the table, and she squealed as she leapt two tables over further away. She turned around to face me, her sweet face flushed and excited. It was like I was the predator, and she was the prey, but right now, she was the one killing me. It didn’t matter that her skin peeked out between her jeans and her shirt or that her hair was falling in her face. I was addicted to that look she wore that said Yeah, I want you, but I’m still saying no.

It was a challenge, and it was fun.

I put my fists down on the table and leaned in. “I like you, Tatum. I like your body. If you take it away, then you’ll have to find some other way to entertain me.” I couldn’t hide the smile from my face, and I hoped she’d remember the last time we had a similar conversation.

She squinted her eyes at me like she was playing at being mad, but then she spoke up sarcastically, “And what disgusting task, pray tell, would you like me to do?”

Without the patience to toy around anymore, I walked over the iPod she left on the lab table and scrolled through her songs, touching on Seether’s Remedy. Turning up the volume, we could hear it just fine through the ear buds. Avoiding the lab stools, I grabbed the teacher’s chair with armrests and a back and sat down in the middle of the room.

She let out a bitter laugh. “I didn’t give you a lap dance then, Jared. What makes you think I’m going to give you one now?” She pushed her hair behind her ears and placed her hands on her hips.

“Because I’ll leave,” I shot back. “The door’s locked. We’re alone.”

She raised her eyebrows. “You have a key to the school?”

“No,” I corrected. “I used to have a key to the school until you threw it off the side of the road. I borrowed Madoc’s. He got one sophomore year, so we could borrow car parts from auto shop.”


“The less you know the better.” I smirked. “So are you game, or are you scared?”

God, I didn’t know what my problem was, but challenging Tate always made me fucking ecstatic. I didn’t expect her to give me a lap dance, and I definitely didn’t want to make her uncomfortable or angry. I just loved engaging her. She always rose to the occasion, and maybe I wanted to see what she’d do.

All I knew was that I didn’t want to leave.

She cocked her head to the side and studied me. What she was looking for I didn’t know, but the temperature in the room shot up about ten degrees.

“Okay,” she said quietly. “Start the song over.”

My smirk fell, and I swallowed. Oh. My. God. She was playing with me. She had to be.

But then I watched, wide-eyed, as she reached behind her back and untied her apron. Slipping it over her head, she let it fall to the floor before she slid her open button-down blouse off her arms, leaving her in only her tight jeans and a thin, dark gray tank top.

My chest ached, and I inhaled a deep breath, realizing that I needed to breathe.

“Jared,” she whispered, her eyes hooded and fucking me from across the room. “The music?”

Oh, yeah. I blinked and reached over to the lab table, touching the arrow to start the song over and sat my ass back down.

As soon as the music started, she walked towards me, chin tipped down and looking like she was trying to bite back a smile. A sliver of her stomach still peeked out, and her hips swayed slowly as she stepped up to the chair. I let my head fall back as she hovered. Her eyes were a little bit unsure but a whole lot determined.

The beat of the drums kicked in, and my fucking heart crashed down into my stomach when Tate put her hands on my shoulders and started moving her hips in a circle to match the music. Her stomach looked like a wave flowing with the rhythm, and every time her hips moved in close to my body, I wanted to reach out and grab her.

Around and around, in and out, her body taunted me, going fast. The music flooded the air, and I forgot where I was. All I saw was Tate screwing me with her clothes on.

She placed her hands on the armrests and leaned in, washing over me like the ocean. First her breasts, then her stomach, and finally her hips grinding into me, and I closed my eyes with the jolt to my dick.

Shit. This was a mistake. I was going to be in worse shape when I left than when I came in.  

She turned around and laid her head back on my shoulder, breathing into my neck like she was in pain.

“Jared,” she whispered, moist and hot against my jaw. “Touch me.”

I clenched my fists, wondering what she was doing to me. Jesus. If I touched her, I’d have to have her.

“Where?” I choked out.

“You know where.” Her voice shook.

Jesus. Was she going to let me have her?

I pulled the strap of her top off her shoulder and kissed her skin, while my hand continued to glide down her chest, over her hard nipple, across her stomach and then between her legs, rubbing her softly.

“Yes,” she breathed out as she continued moving to the music and dry-fucking me.

I held her neck, guided her lips to mine, and licked her top lip. Sweat broke out on my forehead, but I dove into the heat anyway, grabbing her bottom lip between my teeth and sucking.

Her mouth wasn’t just on mine. The feeling tingled in my jaw and spread down my neck. The taunts of her kisses and touches were agony, but it was sweet. I knew where the trail led, and I didn’t mind prolonging the torture when I knew where we were going.

I loved knowing that I was going to let go inside of her.

I jerked, a knock sounding on the door, and I twisted my head to the side.


“Jared,” Tate whimpered into my cheek and grinded on me harder. I blinked, breathing hard and refocusing on her.

Shit. I squeezed her hips, the pleasure of her rubbing on my cock out of this world. “Baby, someone’s at the—”

“Jared, I want you right here, right now,” she breathed out, her sweet breath heating up my face.

“Hell, yes—“

“But I have to go,” she cut me off and stood up.

Her warmth left me, and I watched as she stood up, pulling the strap of her shirt back on her shoulder and not even sparing me a glance.

Holy shit! “What?!” I barked.

She looked at me, a single eyebrow raised. “I. Have. To. Go.”

“Are you kidding me?” I pinched my eyebrows together, the ache in my cock ready to set fire to my jeans. “You’re going to leave me like this?”

“You said you’d leave if I gave you a lap dance.”


“I have a study date, Jared.” And she smiled sweetly, and walked over to get her shirt off the floor.

A date?!

“A study date?” I blurted out, standing up. “With who?”

“Steven Stoddard.”

The pimple kid?  “Stevie Stoddard?” I asked, still really fucking confused.  

“Yeah.” She nodded at me as she threw her supplies back in the crate and grabbed her bag. “The kid you spread the rumor about me losing my virginity to freshman year? We’re studying Chemistry at Mario’s. Don’t wait up, baby.”

And she smiled and walked out the door.

I stood there, lame and in pain, wondering what the hell she’d just done to me.

Oh, she was definitely getting it this weekend.