Hellbent Family Tree


Thank you to every reader who has been amazingly patient about the wait. Things take longer than we want them to, but I’m doing my best. Thanks for not adding more pressure, because I know, ultimately, you would rather have a good book than a fast one.


For readers of the Fall Away series, six more books will be coming in a spin-off series titled HELLBENT. Release dates TBD.

1. Whose books will be in the next generation?

The books will tell the love stories of Hawke, Dylan, Quinn, Kade, Hunter, A.J., and James. There will be a total of six books. For a family tree reference, please visit—> Pinterest Tree

2. What is the reading order of the original Fall Away series?

The reading order is Bully, Until You, Rival, Falling Away, Aflame, and Next to Never, all available now.

3. When will the books release?

As of right now, I’ll begin writing Falls Boys this year and hopefully release it in 2021. I know lots of readers are waiting, and the timeline has changed. Good ideas don’t happen on a dime, so hopefully you’ll forgive me once you read book one. I’ll try to make it worth it!

5. Are the Fall Away kids in any other books or bonus scenes available now?

Yep! The Fall Away kids first appear in the epilogue of Aflame and are quite prominent in Next to Never. There are also three bonus scenes. Please visit—>Fall Away Bonus Scenes

6. How fast can we expect installments once the first book releases?

If you’ve read my series before, I’m sure you’re very used to the waiting game with me. I’ve rushed books to meet demands before, and I hate myself for it, because the story suffered.

Writing a novel takes me at least six months, and I often take detours with stand-alones in between, which could make it even longer. It’s not that I don’t care that you’re waiting. I do. I’m just trying to be happy at my job. I don’t want to force a book we’ll all hate, so if I need to take time to let something simmer, I promise I will, because the Trents and the Carruthers deserve it. I hope most of you see this as a virtue. I want to be as upfront as possible about this, so if you know you can’t wait for installments, then I encourage you to wait for the series to be completed before you begin. Of course, I’d love for you to gobble up every release on release day, but I understand if it just makes the wait for the next one harder.  

For any other questions, please email me at [email protected], and I will do my best to answer them. I often miss comments on posts, so please reach out directly to ensure I see your question. Hope you enjoy what’s to come!

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