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Conclave Book ( Devil’s Night Series #3.5 )
For readers who were interested in a published version, CONCLAVE (Devil’s Night 3.5) is now live in ebook and paperback formats! It is still available for FREE here on my website in the Bonus section AND on my Wattpad page. You do not have to pay for it.

Conclave Part I
*There is a part 2 coming on Devil’s Night. This doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, but it does tease of the next scene to come. Please read with caution as Part II will not be released until October 30. This scene will remain on my website, so feel free to come back to it if you want to wait for Part II to release. Thank you!

Conclave Part II
*This scene takes place about two years after Kill Switch but before Nightfall. Please read Conclave Part I first. This is a spoiler for every book in the Devil’s Night series. 🙂

Kill Switch Bonus Scene 1
This scene takes place after Kill Switch and is a spoiler for the Devil’s Night series.

CORRUPT Valentine’s Day Scene
This scene takes place a few months after the end of CORRUPT.

Hideaway Deleted Scene 1
This scene originally took place after Kai and Bank’s inspected the hotel for the first time with Michael and Will.

Hideaway Deleted Scene 2
This deleted scene was originally set before Kai takes Banks to his house for dinner.

Hideaway Deleted Scene 3
This scene originally took place after the flashback scene of how Damon and Banks first met.

Hideaway Deleted Scene 4
This scene originally took place after David, Lev, and Ilia took Banks home from the cemetery.