Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed NIGHTFALL! Your time is important, and I’m continually amazed anyone gives me the time of day 😉

We’ve had lots of requests for more from the Devil’s night series, so just to address some of these and what the game plan is moving forward…

When is Nightfall and Credence’s audiobook coming?

All I know is they’re working on it! Contracts are signed, and it’s in their hands now. I’ll keep looking for the pre-orders to get a date for you.

When are the Devil’s Night kids’ birthdays?

This isn’t something I’ve figured out, and I probably won’t unless I write their stories someday. I don’t want to lock myself into a decision that may have to factor into a timeline or a plot at some point.

Can we have a bonus scene for…?

I’m getting a ton of requests for this scene and that scene and from everyone’s point-of-view, etc. I’m glad you’re so enthralled with the world, and I totally get it. There will be bonus scenes and/or a novella to touch base with the crew for fun eventually, but all of it will take place pre-epilogue. The epilogue of Nightfall is the end. I understand we want to see Kai experience this or Michael’s point-of-view on that and maybe eventually if they talk to me, it’ll happen. The only reason I wrote a labor scene for Damon/Winter and not the others, for example, was because ideas came to me for what to write about. I didn’t have to force it. If the same happens for the others, I’ll do it!

I need books for Alex, the next generation, the Moreaus, Lev, David, the Blackchurch guys…

Like I said, there will be bonus content (that takes place pre-epilogue) here and there over the years. I love this world, and I don’t want to ever say goodbye completely.

But…I don’t have any more ideas for full length novels/love stories. And even if I did, I’m not sure I could make it worth it. As I said in my reader group. I think the only way most readers want me to continue this series is if I seriously dial down the violence, blood, and non-traditional sexual situations. Most of you won’t admit it to me directly, but I can read the room.

And it’s okay! I get it.

Maybe someday, if my imagination comes up with something original that captures my attention, I can figure out a way to write it in a way you’ll be proud of. My head is getting more insane, anyway, so Alex and the kids are safer in your imagination. lol

I love this world, and I’m so grateful so many of you do to! Thank you for a great release and for taking the time to write a review. Again, we’ll see them in bonus content eventually and more books are ALWAYS possible down the road if my imagination cooperates For now, I’m going to try my hand at some new worlds and finishing Hellbent. And I will do more dark romance, albeit in standalones where the audience is less attached to the characters going in. One is just “uncomfortable”. The other is like Penny Dreadful. Muahaha. But romance, don’t worry!

Right now, I’m working on Tryst Six Venom and Falls Boys (Hellbent One). The plan is to release Falls Boys on the anniversary of Bully’s publication, June 17, 2021. That’s not written in stone, though. Just a plan 😉 Hopefully I can get it done in time for audio to be ready, too.

I have a scene releasing in the PenDragon FB Group on Devil’s Night (not DN characters), and at least one more surprise later this year. I’m off to write for a few weeks and get my kid and house in shape for homeschooling! If you have any questions about what else is coming, please check out my FAQs page and my What’s Coming page.

Alright, have a great August. One month between me and pumpkin spice!