Get ready for the final installment, releasing this year, by catching up on the rest of the series!

The first book is *FREE* on all markets for the entire month of April, and the second book is only $0.99!!

The Devil’s Night series will go back on Kindle Unlimited May 1st.
NIGHTFALL(#4), the final installment —> Coming 2020!
Add it to your TBR!

Hope everyone is taking care! Be safe!

  1. rawan

    Please. I need an update on the Fall Away series spin-off ASAP. I have been WAITING YEARS. Just an update. Please.

  2. Oceane Weytsman

    Please i need a date for nightfall i’m dying right now !!!!!!! Will’s my favorite 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Makey

    please please please release nightfall in April!!! pleaseeeeeeeee i need Wills BOOK!!! ive read all the books in 3 days!

  4. Makey

    I really need Wills book! Please release it!!

  5. S

    I really hope everyone is safe and doing well. I have been scouring your page, patiently waiting for Nightfall. Can I just say, I really liked your FAQ page. Even though I’m STILL not ready, the advice you give to people is really helpful and one day,I’d really really really like to write my own. You deserve all the accolades! You are one of three authors,(so far) that can really do alpha males, (but redeemable alpha males), justice.
    Take care and I can’t wait to continue reading your work.
    P.S our crushes are the same! Waaaa

    • L

      Who are the other two authors that can do the males as good as this.

  6. Makey

    any update as to when you will be finished with nightfall?? If not can you release another flashback teaser???

  7. Nina

    Please give Rika a child. Make it some sort of a miracle please

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