Signed Books Shop will be closed from July 3rd-10th to travel to the Dallas signing.

Please Read Before You Order!

  1. Please allow 1-10 days for your order to process. You may not get an email notification when your order is shipped (our system can be wonky lol), but you will see an invoice/tracking number on your Paypal transaction.
  2. All books are signed by Pen. You may opt during ordering if you’d like the book personalized with your or someone’s else’s name.
  3. Media Mail is the cheapest shipping option we offer for US residents, but it will NOT include swag. Some book-specific complimentary swag is included on all other shipping options AND international shipping, so please choose another shipping option if you would like swag.
  4. The Swag Pack is best for readers who don’t plan to order all the books but would like all the swag.
  5. If you still don’t see a tracking number on your PayPal transaction after ten days, definitely email us at It probably just means that we ran out of stock and are waiting for a shipment to come in, but we’ll double check for you!
  6. Orders in the Merchandise section need to be placed separate from books or swag due to separate shipping facilities being filled through Printful. They also have their own fulfillment times and shipping options so the above won’t apply.

Thank You!

Any Technical issues with the store, website, postage, or concerns on a package/tracking please contact us at

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Swag Pack - Check options before adding to cart.

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We've added swag packs. These can't ship media mail, so if you're already ordering books with non-media shipping, swag for those specific books is already included. For example, if you order Devil's Night books you'll get Devil's Night swag automatically with non-media mail shipping,.

But...if you also wanted all of the additional swag (without ordering the books themselves), this is where you can add it for a small additional cost. Usually shipping cost won't be effected, except for international non-flat rate as it varies by weight and country.

Please note: The book MOTEL hasn't yet released, but we will include the retro blue keychain in both of the "All-the-Swag" options! Please select the correct option before check-out. Unfortunately, due to shipping complications, matches are only given out at signings.

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